Amigurumi Winter Wonderland


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Do you like to decorate your family home, make unique creations for your Christmas tree and surprise your family and friends with hand-made gifts? This winter crochet book has it all. If it is somewhat drizzly outside then take a few balls of yarn and, with this book on your lap, you’ll instantly be transported to a magical Winter Wonderland!

Ilaria loves beautiful yarns and fabrics. Each ball of yarn inspires her to create new projects for both kids and grownups. Amigurumi are her first and greatest love. She is very fond of all those funny and gentle characters.

Ilaria’s patterns can already be found in the popular Zoomigurumi series. In this book you’ll find her creations for the most amazing winter amigurumi – a jolly Santa Claus, little elves, a peace dove, and many more. With Ilaria’s festive designs and a few spare hours you’ll be able to make a Winter Wonderland of your very own.

This book presents 15 easy to make and fully customizable patterns. After a brief introduction to the various techniques and stitches, beginners and experienced crocheters alike will enjoy making these lovely designs.