Amigurumi Friends and Celebrations

3.395 kr.


Hip hip hooray, you’ve been happily invited to the biggest amigurumi party! We’re shining a special spotlight on family, friends and the beautiful moments we love to spend together. Get your best hooks and brightest yarns out, and let’s start celebrating!

Whether it’s a romantic wedding, a proud graduation, a long-awaited baby or the family holidays that connect us, there’s something to celebrate (and crochet for) all year round! And trust us, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a smile and a handmade amigurumi gift to go with it.

This festive collection will surprise you with 14 joyful designs. With step-by-step pictures and video tutorials, beginners as well as advanced crocheters can make the perfect amigurumi gifts. Give it up for the biggest milestones in life and your favorite holiday of all time, we’re going to crochet the night away!

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